Studio 8ight is a fiercely ambitious XR development studio. We are working hard to make an impact in the new and exciting world of virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Placing an emphasis on educational entertainment; we invite you to discuss new ideas and we look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

M/Y Warsash

Motor Yacht Warsash, engineering division. Our first release of M/Y Warsash. How would you perform during a 'dead-ship' scenario?

Join the discussion on our Discord server: @ https://discord.gg/nVZRNuB

Virtual Reality EXPO

Project VRX is an EXPO / Virtual Trade fair platform designed from the ground up to support VR while still supporting NonVR hardware. It boasts a multi-user environment in which users may interact with one another and share the experience of visiting a trade show regardless of their geographical constraints.

Warsash: Chief Engineer

VR Training Pilot / Prototype / Demo

Do you have a concept or idea you would like see come to fruition? Here @ Studio 8ight we are more than happy to help you realise that with our full complement of developers, 3D artists and animators.

A realistic proof-of-concept simulation of the challenges a superyacht engineer faces. Are you up to the rigorous challenges of marine engineering?